Michele Kennedy

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My Background

I studied at the School of Visual Arts, NYC/ FIT, NYC/ The Boston Museum School (formal portraiture)/ the traditional Fenway Studios atelier of Robert Cormier in Boston and  plein air landscape painting with Henry Hensche in Provincetown.  I see the company of people that I can learn from, My many mentors include Alex Katz and Shel Sliverstein.

My Medium

My mediums are  oil, acrylic, ink, watercolors and gouache to make paintings, sculpture and animations.

My Inspiration

Painting is a way to explore that which is not ordinary.  

An Introduction To My Art Studio

Here is an interview with myself and Barnstable This Morning, exploring the ideas and inspirations behind the scenes.

Where The Work is Created

An interview describing how I ended up mixing paints and creating a new variety of works in the Barnstable Municipal Airport.